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The Civis Platform

Tech that handles your pain points so you can focus on data points.

Platform Overview
Platform Overview

For data scientists, by data scientists

Our cloud-based data science platform enables organizations to unify disparate data sources and augment them with our immense national database—information that empowers them to pinpoint what matters, focus on the truth, and deliver actionable insights to the people who need them.

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Data Science from End to End

Machine Learning Algorithms
Machine Learning Algorithms

A hub for all things data science.

Our big data platform is a single repository for your organization’s most important code, projects, and visualizations. It contains all the workflows, industry-leading algorithms, and preloaded data that you need to better understand your people, no matter who they are.

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Workflow Integration
Workflow Integration

Fewer repetitive tech chores, more time to innovate.

Your team won’t have to fuss with setting up credentials and servers or acquiring a database—it’s all packaged up and automated directly within the platform. Data scientists can spend more time coding, analyzing, and innovating.

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Instantly shareable insights.

Up-to-date reports and scientifically grounded recommendations go directly into the hands of the people who need them, bringing powerful, individual-level insights that solve organizational problems big and small.

Our reporting and data visualizations


Scalable, flexible, and bandwidth-multiplying.

With the Civis Platform, you can pull in all of your own code and run models on dedicated resources that let operational data science happen more quickly and efficiently—so you can be quicker to action. Hosted in the AWS cloud, our big data analytics platform and our API allow you to use our national database, bring in your own data, and adjust your storage capacity as needed. Data silos need not apply.

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The Specs

What You Need to Know

SQL | R | Python | JavaScript | Any language via GitHub
Our Database
220 million Americans
Associated variables include demographics, household details, consumer behavior, and geographic data
Proprietary person-matching algorithms for de-duping
Amazon Web Services with adjustable storage capacity
Key Actions
Query data | Schedule jobs | Manage workflows | Run your own code | Share work | Publish reports | Build data science tools
Tableau | MySQL | PostgreSQL | Oracle | Teradata | Microsoft SQL Server | Silverpop | Salesforce | Google Sheets | GitHub | DockerHub | S/FTP | Google Analytics | Facebook | Box | Any JDBC-compliant database

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