New Civis Research: How to talk about the COVID-19 Vaccine
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Brand Tracking

Track your brand performance over time with accurate, reliable data.

Message & Concept Testing

Determine the most impactful messages, and targets before you’re in-market.

Customer Acquisition

Identify new opportunities for growth by using research and modeling to reach new consumer targets.

Marketing Effectiveness

Understand which campaigns, messages, and tactics are working best to make your marketing more efficient and effective.

Customer Modeling & Segmentation

Define your highest value customers, segment the market, or anything in between.

Who We Help

Customer Insight Leaders+

Data Scientist & Analytic Professionals+

Marketing & Communication Leaders+

Athena (Civis Platform) provides us with a data driven answer to the biggest question being asked of our function. We can elevate the decision making at the company around optimization, tradeoffs, and scenario planning. The tool has made us orders of magnitude more advanced...a total triumph.

Seth Goren

SVP of Media Strategy & Analytics


Analysis Over Assumptions

We value objectivity over proving ourselves or our partners right; we will always bring you facts and data to help question the status quo.

Total Transparency

We’re open about the work we do and the methods we use; there’s no black box or hand waving here.

Adaptive Approach

We’re not afraid to think outside the box and be creative with solutions; we understand that priorities, processes, and challenges evolve over time.


Rigorous Design

We use an experiment-driven approach to provide survey benchmarks and causal impact.

Fast & Flexible

Launch when you need and get results in about a week.

Proven Results

Our work has been used by the world’s leading political campaigns, social causes and brands.

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