We've found that trying to scare the unvaccinated doesn't work.
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Equitably Allocate Resources

Use data to understand where resources are needed most. Proactively assess the greatest risks to your organization or community, with maps and dashboards to present the information you need.

Enable Interdepartmental Collaboration

Unify your data and automate workflows to seamlessly share data and insights across multiple teams, agencies or jurisdictions. Rely on a single, trusted source of truth to better serve your community.

Better Serve and Engage the Community

Identify the right people who stand to benefit from your programs. Understand how, when, and what to communicate to your audience for effective engagement.

Measure Program Performance

Centralize and standardize data so that you can accurately measure your programs and the impact of your outreach. Share those KPIs and metrics easily across collaborating agencies, organizations and leadership.

Our Use Case with Cities

Identify the right people who stand to benefit from your programs. Understand how, when, and what to communicate to your audience for effective engagement.

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When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, we needed new tools to understand the extent of the storm, how much damage the city incurred, and what parts of the city are still in need. The Civis Platform allowed us to understand unmet need at a new level, and target our policies and programs where they have the most impact. This analysis will help us respond more quickly to future natural disasters.”

Sarah Labowitz

Communications and Policy Director

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Analysis Over Consum

We value objectivity over proving ourselves or our partners right; we will always bring you facts and data to help question the status quo.

Total Transparency

We’re open about the work we do and the methods we use; there’s no black box or hand waving here.

Adaptive Approach

We’re not afraid to think outside the box and be creative with solutions; we understand that priorities, processes, and challenges evolve over time.


Rigorous Design

We use an experiment-driven approach to provide survey benchmarks and causal impact.

Fast & Flexible

Launch when you need, and get results in about a week.

Proven Results

Our work has been used by the world’s leading political campaigns, social causes and brands.

Platform Accelerator

Our Platform Accelerators help public sector clients get started quickly. Our world class data scientists and engineers have developed these tools with government in mind to help you sever your constituents better.

Rigorous Design

Combine your data with our data sets to create a single unique record for each person in your community.

CoRE Hub

Learn more about your community and constituents. Pre-loaded public data sources combined with your organization’s data creates efficiency in analysis.

Creative Focus

Improve the effectiveness of your outreach by testing performance of your message or ad before it reaches your constituents.

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COVID-19 Insights Center

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Data Integration & Identity Resolution

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Illinois is taking a data-driven approach to its mask-wearing ad campaign

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Decision-making backed by science.