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The Challenge

Growing into Strategies

As their pool of customers grew, the team at Pampered Chef realized how they could benefit from leveraging their consumer's data to make strategic decisions. Since data existed in many silos of the company, the team at Pampered Chef understood that they first needed to consolidate this data in one unified place.

The Approach

Speedy, Secure, and Scalable

That’s when the team started looking for an analytics platform. Civis Platform met all their needs:

  • built on the Amazon Web Services cloud, Platform is scalable and secure
  • easily connects to their product tracking systems, making it simple to import, export, and analyze data sets
  • provides their analytics team and stakeholders direct access to unified data and automatically syncs with new data

The Solution

Implementing Civis Platform

In just eight weeks, Pampered Chef implemented Civis Platform and launched their database, which provided direct access to the information and insights they needed.

The Results

The holistic database in Civis Platform lets the entire team work from the same data, in real-time. From defining valuable segments to in-depth analyses, Pampered Chef can now shape its CRM strategies and broader business decisions with the right data.

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