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Healthcare | 3.28.20

Coronavirus Pulse Survey Research

Consumer Insights
Team Civis

Civis Analytics Weekly Report  |  Fielded March 20-23 2020

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This week’s data shows some sobering trends — we’re seeing unprecedented levels of concern and anxiety, and a very real impact on American livelihood. You can find the toplines in more detail here as well as cross-tabulations of these survey results here.

What you need to know:

  • Levels of concern continue to trend up as national lockdowns and quarantines continue to ramp up across the country.  Overall 49% of people are very concerned about Coronavirus pandemic.
  • The economic impact of the crisis is being felt widely – 44% of people are witnessing, either themselves or with their loved ones, negative economic effects of the crisis.
  • People’s concerns are prioritized around their families health (62%) and their local economy (59%) and less so on their own job (32%) or health (43%).
  • Of those who sought  to be tested for COVID-19, 50% were unable to.


For the third week in a row, we saw an increase (+4%) in concern about Coronavirus. 

  • Overall concern (Somewhat Concerned and Very Concerned) increased to 80% this week, up  from 66% the previous.
    • Almost half (49%) of respondents are
      Very Concerned about Coronavirus.
    • “Low or no concern” continues to trend down for the third week in a row


The crisis is wide – 44% of people are seeing economic effects of the crisis
When asked “have you or an immediate family member experienced one of these?”

  • 32% lost income due to their workplace closing
    or seeing fewer customers.
  • 20% have already seen lost income from a shrinking consumer base.
  • 10% either lost or know someone who lost a job
  • 9% missed a mortgage or rent payment
  • 5% of respondents, including 10% of Asian Americans and 9% of African Americans, say they have been discriminated against because of the Coronavirus outbreak.


More than a third (34%) of people indicated they are experiencing feelings of worry, dread or physical symptoms of anxiety related to COVID-19.

  • This was more common among younger respondents and those with higher levels of education. 
  • People’s concerns are prioritized around their families health and their surrounding environment and less so on their own job or health.  Ranking of people’s concerns:
    1. Health of loved ones 62%
    2. Local economy 59%
    3. Global economy 59%
    4. Your household income 44%
    5. Access to food and daily supplies 44%
    6. Your savings/investments 43%
    7. Your personal health 43%
    8. Your job security 32%


About 17% of people reported that they had
had at least one of the most common coronavirus symptoms in the week prior. 

About a third of people who had symptoms
felt ill enough to seek medical care. 

Of those who sought a COVID-19 test, 50%
were unable to get one.


Reasonably, most people aren’t yet comfortable  with traveling, staying overnight outside of their homes. 

When it comes to flying again, almost a third of people aren’t sure when they’ll be comfortable flying again. For staying in hotels, about a quarter of people aren’t sure when they’ll be comfortable.

  • A positive for the airlines is that in
    general, wealthier and younger respondents were more likely to
    consider flying sooner then other demographic groups.

Ranking of what people are uncomfortable doing: 

  • Attending a concert 65%
  • Air Travel 61%
  • Taking public transportation 56%
  • Staying in an Airbnb or VRBO 51%
  • Staying in a hotel 50%
  • Using services like Uber or Lyft 50%
  • Dining in a local restaurant or café 48%
  • Ordering food delivery 23%
  • Ordering take-out which you pick up 18%
  • Visiting a supermarket 14%


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Survey was fielded from March 20-23, 2020 and included responses from 3,828 adults across the country. Results have been weighted to be representative of the U.S. population.


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