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Civis Data Science | 7.17.20

Coronavirus Pulse Survey Research

Consumer Insights
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Civis Analytics COVID-19 Report  |  Fielded July 1 through July 13, 2020

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As of our last update, the country was beginning to loosen Coronavirus-related restrictions on businesses and public gatherings. Unfortunately, virus surges in several areas have forced officials to reverse some of these decisions and with Fall fast approaching, an increasing amount of attention is being paid to formal government policy on school openings and what, if any, additional Federal safety regulations will be in place should that happen.

Highlights for this wave of research are below, and additional topline data can be found here.


81% of US adults believe that the outbreak will continue for at least another month — a figure that has remained consistent since early April.

  • Agreement is positively correlated with educational attainment: 63% of advanced degree holders ‘strongly agree’ compared to about half of those with a high school education or less
  • White adults (84%) are 12% more likely to indicate at least some agreement compared to non-white adults

level of us agreement that the pandemic will last at least another month

Despite a strong Federal government push to gain support for opening schools as early as next month, nearly three in four are in support of policies keeping them closed.

  • While 2016 Trump voters were 10% less likely to support school closures, levels of support among this group still remain high (nearly two thirds)
  • Older adults are more supportive of school closures than younger Americans — 52% aged 35+ strongly agree, compared to 34% of those under 35
  • Interestingly, response differences between those with and without children were not significant

level of us adult agreement with coronavirus-related closures

Approximately 40% of adults experienced at least one COVID-19 symptom (e.g. coughing, fever, chills, sore throat, muscle pain, shortness of breath) in the past month, and 14% report three or more. However, less than a third of those reporting symptoms have sought coronavirus testing.

  • When comparing test attempt rate by symptom count, we see surprisingly low variation — 27% of those with one symptom reported trying, compared to 36% of adults with 4+
  • Of those who chose not to seek testing, almost half simply cited not thinking it was necessary as the reason, followed by not wanting to get sick / others sick (8%) and not knowing where to get tested (7%)

percentage of us adults seeking coronavirus testing


Survey data was collected weekly between 7/1 and 7/13, 2020 and includes approx. 2,000 responses from U.S. adults age 18+ each week. Results have been weighted to be representative of the U.S. population.


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COVID-19 Research Analysis

Applied Data Science Lead Jonathan Williams shares his take on the key themes of the data every month. He looks at how opinions and behaviors among certain demographics have shifted as quarantine periods lengthen, case counts increase, and unemployment worsens.

Month One Analysis

Month Two Analysis

Public Opinion Data on Black Lives Matter/Police Reform

Beginning 6/12, Civis has asked a series of weekly questions about support for Black Lives Matter, and understanding of/attitudes towards police reform. Below you can find combined cross-tabs from the first two weeks of data, as well as new 6/26 data that focuses on actions supporting Black Lives Matter — and what motivated those actions.

Combined Crosstabs



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