We've found that trying to scare the unvaccinated doesn't work.
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Memo to vaccine advocates: Stop trying to scare the unvaccinated. It doesn’t work.

The team at Civis has conducted a series of studies over the past year to gauge how members of the public respond to different types of messages encouraging them to get vaccinated, with our most recent Creative Focus Messaging Test running from August 19 to September 8. What we learned may surprise you. Our data found … Continued

COVID’s resurgence fuels renewed fears — and jumpstarts vaccination rates

What a difference two months makes. A rising number of Americans are expressing grave concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, a threat that earlier this summer appeared to be subsiding throughout the U.S. With the highly contagious Delta variant now surging nationwide, 46 percent of respondents surveyed by Civis Analytics reveal they are “very concerned” about … Continued

How The Bail Project unlocks the power of data to win bipartisan support for criminal justice reform

The Bail Project, a nonprofit that provides no-cost bail assistance and pretrial support services for low-income individuals, partnered with Civis Analytics to determine the persuasiveness of its bail reform messages. Civis’s Creative Focus online messaging tool determined that economic-themed messaging was most successful at increasing support for legislation eliminating cash bail, while messages spotlighting the … Continued

How Los Angeles taps its 311 call data to bring more power to the people — and build more trust with city hall

It’s been 25 years since 311 non-emergency telephone services launched in the U.S., bringing citizens a dedicated three-digit number for accessing municipal information, lodging complaints, and making neighborhood maintenance requests. Back then, the concept was so novel that some cities rolled out awareness campaigns to differentiate the helpline from its emergency-focused predecessor, complete with the … Continued