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Highlights and insights from the Data for Good Summit

Civis Analytics’ Data for Good Summit, held virtually June 2-3, 2021, presented a wide-ranging program of data-focused interactive sessions and expert insights developed expressly for organizations in the nonprofit and advocacy space, with content for everyone from aspiring technologists to fundraising directors and executives.  Day One of the summit featured a Data Bootcamp led by … Continued

Data centralization for federated nonprofits made easy

Federated organizations ingest overwhelming volumes of data — everything from intelligence on their beneficiaries to transactional information about their donors and supporters.  Many federated nonprofits are not swimming in data, however. They’re drowning in it.  Deriving meaningful, actionable insights from multiple systems that are disconnected from each other poses enormous challenges. For starters, integrating and … Continued

How Civis simplifies data centralization for federated nonprofits

Data that is fragmented — siloed, duplicated, and scattered like leaves — is data without purpose or impact.  A clear, comprehensive understanding of the data at an organization’s fingertips is essential to extracting its value and deriving insight to further innovation, boost customer engagement, and gain a competitive edge. But when data is spread haphazardly … Continued

Data privacy or personalization? For consumers, the choice is clear

The rules of online engagement are changing — fast.  A year after declaring its plans to halt support for third-party cookies in its Chrome browser, Google recently announced that beginning sometime in 2022, its digital ad tools will no longer support tracking of individual users’ online activities. Google will implement a “privacy sandbox” to target … Continued

How data helped Houston Food Bank nourish the community during the Texas power crisis

When the snow and ice paralyzed southeast Texas, Houston Food Bank leaped into action.  The nation’s largest food bank in terms of distribution, Houston Food Bank presently serves about 124,000 households across 18 counties, teaming with a network of 1,500 community partners to deliver roughly 800,000 pounds of food per day to Texans in need. … Continued

Which Americans are still hesitant to take the COVID vaccine — and how to change their minds

Four months after the FDA authorized emergency use of the first COVID-19 vaccine, President Joe Biden announced he is directing states to offer vaccines to all American adults by April 19. Now to the next phase of the pandemic battle: ensuring vaccine demand meets supply. The good news is that overall enthusiasm for the vaccine … Continued

Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, every time

Think you know what audiences are thinking? Think again. Just ask Fellow Americans. The nonprofit organization, which partners with a wide range of creatives to develop white-label campaign ads supporting progressive messages and causes, set out early in 2021 to prime audiences to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Fellow Americans Creative Director Jess McIntosh and her … Continued

Three lessons from the Biden paid media team for more impactful, authentic messaging

More than 80 million Americans voted to elect Joe Biden, a record turnout fueled by a data-driven paid media campaign that delivered simple, authentic, and powerful messages to the exact right audiences at the exact right time. Civis Analytics played an essential role in making it happen. In the six months leading up to the … Continued

COVID-19 Impact Research

With funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Civis Analytics is conducting ongoing research to study the social, economic and educational impacts of COVID-19 in America. Research is conducted at a national level as well as deep dives in Florida, Texas, Washington, Ohio and New York. Civis Analytics fielded a survey with 8,217 national … Continued