Introducing the Vaccine Outreach Intelligence Center
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A follow up on Civis’s Equal Justice Commitment

In the beginning of June, we announced we would be donating $50,000 to national and community organizations who fight for equal justice and protect those being targeted. Over the last few weeks, our staff nominated more than 30 potential organizations, and then voted for the top five to split the donation equally. We’re proud to … Continued

Identity Resolution and the Power of Unified Person-level Data

Civis IDR: Your Answer to Siloed, Incomplete, Messy Data on the People who Matter Most Civis Identity Resolution (IDR) is a cloud-based application that links together person-level data from multiple sources to create a unique, stable identifier for each individual. Using a combination of advanced machine learning algorithms and customizable logic, IDR gives teams across … Continued

Civis Research: Educating skeptical parents on the importance of vaccination

  By Crystal Son, MPH – Healthcare Analytics Director at Civis Analytics We recently conducted research to answer a question that’s incredibly important to data scientists at Civis: Can we scientifically convince increasingly skeptical parents to vaccinate their children against potentially lethal diseases? The short answer is that we can.  At Civis, we specialize in scientific … Continued