We are modeling the nation's concern over being evicted as the Federal Eviction Moratorium ends
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COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign Toolkit

Civis Analytics’ COVID Vaccine Campaign Toolkit is a resource hub for organizations looking to use data to inform more persuasive and equitable COVID-19 vaccination outreach. This toolkit supplies information and best practices to empower data-driven outreach campaigns showcasing messages and messengers that are scientifically proven to increase vaccination acceptance and adoption among target audiences. The … Continued

Five data-driven steps for more effective, more persuasive COVID-19 vaccine messaging

There’s a lot of talk about how to talk about the COVID-19 vaccine — how to cut through the rumors, misinformation, and conspiracy theories to persuade people to take the vaccine once it’s available to them. Overwhelmingly, these conversations focus on recommendations and best practices for engaging the target audience, whether it’s “Get your organization’s … Continued