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What People Say

Straight from our clients, employees, and the media.

Civis Analytics seeks to scale itself so it is accessible to everyone, turning users into instant data scientists.


Airbnb is a growing community, and Civis’s cloud-based platform helps us understand our data and improve engagement through the power of easy-to-use data science tools.

John Baldo, Director of Mobilization

Discovery is expanding our data-driven decision-making and Civis helps us track the behavior of our superfans across platforms and build stronger consumer engagement across our brands.

David Leavy, Chief Communications Officer
Discovery Communications

This is new-school… [Civis Media Optimizer] has taught us that our target consumers can be hiding in more networks than we thought.


It’s possible to land your dream job straight out of college.

Chas Jhin, Senior Software Engineer

Individual-level targeted acquisition at Civis goes far beyond look-alike modeling of your current customers. We work with our clients to enrich understanding of their customers with data enhancements and survey research, in order to create a more informed, data-driven approach to acquisition — driven by preferences and behaviors — that yields larger returns than traditional segment-based approaches.

Chris George, Applied Data Science Manager

It’s incredible to actually be able to test messages and understand their effectiveness. I’ve been most surprised to see that more than half of messages that some of our clients were using were actually causing backlash.

David Shor, Senior Data Scientist

Civis polls are unlike the surveys sponsored by news organizations or universities.

The New York Times

Civis Analytics gives more autonomy and puts more trust in young smart people than any other organization out there.

David Shor, Senior Data Scientist

Within a year of joining Civis as a political analyst, I now spend most of my time on software development. I’ve learned these skills largely through an incredible collection of colleagues and I’m yet to encounter a question that we couldn’t answer together.

Jamie Michelson, Data Scientist

The firm might have the greatest insight into America that anyone has ever had.


Helping our clients unify their data is the most important step in almost every engagement. Once unified, we enhance it with individual- and geographic-level data optimized for predictive modeling. This allows clients to better understand the people they care about and ultimately look beyond their current audience to a wider pool of potential customers.

Kayla Benker, Senior Data Product Developer

This is my ideal career--to use data and analytics to further social good.

Kelly Kreft, Senior Applied Data Scientist

Chief marketing officers are fed up with the lack of credibility and accountability over a channel that accounts for a huge proportion of their budgets.


I realized my ideal career was to be behind the scenes, using data and analytics to further social good. I’m grateful that being a part of Civis Analytics has allowed me to help other organizations, like the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Kelly Kreft, Senior Applied Data Scientist

Using best practices in data science, we help our clients efficiently reach out to consumers by leveraging existing data and resources. We’ve done away with the data ‘black box’ and actually educate our clients on methodologies, the possibilities of their data and our algorithms, and how best to integrate our platform to their daily work and become more data-driven.

Maura Foley, Senior Applied Data Scientist

They have an unfair share of smart people.

Eric Schmidt, Civis Board Member
Chairman of Alphabet

Advertisers, by and large, are still depending on broad demographic data, targeting, say, women, ages 18 to 49[...] that’s always meant throwing away an unknown percentage of dollars.