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What People Say

Straight from our clients, employees, and the media.

Surveys are easy, survey science is hard. Or it was, at least. Civis Research puts the power of statistical accuracy in the hands of marketers, an admittedly rare combination.

Micah Honeycutt, Director of Data and Analytics

Civis’ consumer database and best-in-class predictive models have helped us advance our efforts to build new arts audiences in Chicago.

Lisa Middleton, Director of Marketing
Lyric Opera of Chicago

Civis Analytics seeks to scale itself so it is accessible to everyone, turning users into instant data scientists.


Airbnb is a growing community, and Civis’s cloud-based platform helps us understand our data and improve engagement through the power of easy-to-use data science tools.

John Baldo, Director of Mobilization

Discovery is expanding our data-driven decision-making and Civis helps us track the behavior of our superfans across platforms and build stronger consumer engagement across our brands.

David Leavy, Chief Communications Officer
Discovery Communications

This is new-school… [Civis Media Optimizer] has taught us that our target consumers can be hiding in more networks than we thought.


Civis polls are unlike the surveys sponsored by news organizations or universities.

The New York Times

The firm might have the greatest insight into America that anyone has ever had.


Chief marketing officers are fed up with the lack of credibility and accountability over a channel that accounts for a huge proportion of their budgets.


They have an unfair share of smart people.

Eric Schmidt, Civis Board Member
Chairman of Alphabet

Advertisers, by and large, are still depending on broad demographic data, targeting, say, women, ages 18 to 49[...] that’s always meant throwing away an unknown percentage of dollars.