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Gabriel Burt


Gabriel Burt is Chief Technology Officer at Civis Analytics, where he develops company technology, manages the technology team, and coordinates across departments to direct technology strategy and implementation.

Gabriel was Lead Analytics Engineer and Product Manager for the 2012 Obama campaign, where he co-managed a nine-person team of engineers who created tools that empowered hundreds of analysts and organizers, and oversaw some of the campaign’s most creative and impactful projects, including media optimization, integrated data warehousing, mapping and analysis tools, record matching, and targeted sharing.  The team’s tools and fast-paced development earned praise from HQ and state staff, and won RootsCamp's #2 Most Valuable Technology award.

Previously, Gabriel worked at Novell and IBM, doing open source development and project management and creating a web application to encourage developing-world entrepreneurship. He has 15 years experience developing web and analytics software and systems.

While earning a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Gabriel worked for the Nuclear Radiation Laboratory, the Institute for Computational Cosmology, NASA, and the NCSA.  He was a member of Engineers Without Borders and the Campus Vegetarian Society.

Gabriel grew up in Lawrence, Kansas and now lives with his wife in Chicago, Illinois.  He has left his days of racing taxis on bike behind him and now enjoys Chicago's lakefront path and protected bike lanes.  He is a licensed private pilot and would fly more if he weren't aware that general aviation is one of the leading sources of lead pollution and that our atmosphere just hit 400 ppm CO2.