Our team, Obama for America (OFA) Analytics, spent two years in that cave, building the technology and analytics tools necessary to run the first individual-level campaign in history.

Thousands of staff and millions of volunteers from across states and backgrounds spoke to millions of their fellow Americans. The strategy of the campaign was built by the voters we spoke to, and analytics was the bridge. From millions of data points, we constructed the most accurate voter targeting models ever used in a national campaign. We predicted the election outcome in every battleground state within one point. And our work guided decision-making and resource optimization across the campaign.

Since the election, we’ve heard from non-profits, governments, and companies.  Consistently, we hear the same thing: large institutions are overwhelmed by an abundance of data and know they’re missing opportunities to learn what the data is trying to tell them. We’re sitting on the cusp of a renaissance—a Big Data revolution – and organizations want to make sense of their data to guide strategy. That’s where we come in.

This company is our next step: we are taking our team outside The Cave to solve the world’s biggest problems using Big Data.  Founded by Dan Wagner, the Chief Analytics Officer for Obama for America, Civis Analytics brings together key members of the Analytics team and diverse outside experts to build a team of analysts and engineers of unprecedented talent and experience.

We have one goal: to solve your toughest challenges by analyzing big, individual-level data through proven methods and technology. We are not “spreadsheet” management consultants; we are a battle-tested team of statisticians, scientists and technologists. We revolutionized and perfected software for Big Data analytics and analytics technology. We have solved hard problems with our new technologies and skills – and can help you do the same. If you are interested in working with us, contact us here.