Civis Analytics and GMMB present the "2014 Ad Strategy Snapshot," available to the public for a limited time.

Using this map, you can see every US media market with reference to political leanings, voter demographics, upcoming 2014 political races and what it will likely cost to place an ad in each market. The map was built using publicly available data, proprietary GMMB/Civis sources, and integrated by our software engineers.

Learn which DMAs are the most concentrated for each type of voter. Discover something new about how many races are active in each market and where voters will likely see the most advertisements.

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Note: Many DMAs cross state lines and will reach into numerous states.  Races and costs here are reflective of the DMA as a whole.  Through proper targeting in media planning, media costs will change based on specific populations.  Also, within this tool, there are two CPM measures.  One is for a TV-Only approach as compared to a CPM mix of TV @ 80% + Digital Video @ 20%.

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