Intern & Fellows Program

The Program 

We encourage you to apply to one of our three departments.  Our Fall internship program will begin accepting applicants on July 28. If you are an undergrad considering a gig, you will be in our Internship program.  If you currently hold a bachelor's degree and are working towards your master's or PhD, you will be in our Fellowship program. Our programs will be structured similarly, but will differ based on your experience and skill-set. View Positions »


Our Fall Internships will begin on Sept 15 for schools on the semester system and  Oct 13 for schools on the quarter system. Please email for more information.


You’ll help us solve the world’s biggest problems. You won’t just experience the thrill of solving interesting problems; you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your work makes a difference in the world. We help our clients grow, but we also devote significant resources to projects that do good.

We’ll take you seriously. During a summer at Civis, you’ll do real work with real outcomes. Your work as an Engagement, Data Science or Tech intern will be valued as if you were an employee.

You’ll work in our Chicago HQ or our DC office. No need to worry about being alone in a satellite office. You’ll be in the thick of things from Day 1.

We changed business as usual in politics and we’re bringing those same innovations to bear on even bigger causes.

We’re still small. Are you an engineer with an interest in analytics? You’ll have the chance to examine a few specialties up close during your time at Civis.

Does this feel like home? Many of us started as interns, and we view internships as extended interviews. There are opportunities to come back full time.

City Series: We’ll introduce you to our favorite snacks in Fulton Market in Chicago and our favorite paintings at the National Gallery (across the street from our office) in DC.


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Software Engineer

Help build tech tools that will help solve the world’s biggest problems.  Interns and fellows will learn about our work and how our technology helps our analytics capability.  You will build features, and work closely with our engineers to build, test, and them. Rising seniors and graduate students only.


Help solve the world’s biggest problems with Big Data.  Work with our Engagement managers and analysts to diagnose client needs, develop analytical strategies, and execute on client-focused work.  You will work directly on client needs ranging from preparing client-focused materials and conducting market research to working with our data science and tech teams to create and implement big data tools and services to meet client needs.  Rising seniors and graduate students only.

Data Science

Help solve the world’s biggest problems with Big Data.  Work with our data scientists on research projects, and learn modeling strategy and research design from the best.

Data Research

We believe you can’t solve big problems without the right data. Work with our Data Team to research, standardize, and transform a wide variety of data sets to prepare them for analysis and integration into our products. You will work on the frontlines to ensure our team has the proper tools for success.